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Heirloom Keepers

Express Service

Express Service

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Step into the fast lane of memory preservation with our Express Service! Here's how it works:

Step 1: Order with Ease Place your EXPRESS order, and within moments, receive a detailed email guiding you through the simple process of packaging and sending your photos and videos.

Swift Shipping Options Send as many memories as you want via FedEx or UPS overnight priority shipping for a hassle-free experience.

Step 2: Confirmation Shortly after dispatching your memories, you'll get an email confirming the total number of packs ordered.

Step 3: Be the First to Witness The excitement begins! As soon as the first batch of heirlooms is digitized, you'll receive a notification and a private link. Your secure site awaits, allowing you to enjoy, download, or share your cherished memories.

All-Inclusive Return Once every precious moment has been digitized, we safely return your originals to you at no additional shipping costs.

Experience the joy of instant access to your memories – choose Express Service today!

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What size of pictures do you digitize?

We digitize pictures up to 8" x 10“. The most popular size of printed photos is 4x6 inches, which is usually good for framing and displaying. Other popular sizes of printed photos are 5x7 inches and 8x10 inches.

What type of pictures do you digitize?

We digitize almost any kind of photos printed on glossy, matte, or satin paper, Polaroid photos, panoramas, and postcards. I you’d like your photos scanned from both sides, such as many postcards that we have received written on the other side, write us and we’ll do it as well.

What is the quality of digitization you have for pictures?

While most of the picture scanning these days is in 300 dpi, our minimum quality is 600 dpi on all pictures. Upon request, we can scan at 1200 dpi for improved resolution, sometimes preferable when you are using your picture to print in large formats.

What type of Slides do you digitize?

We digitize 35MM slides, which is pretty much the standard slides which have a paperboard slide mount of 2” x 2” with a transparency film size of 24mm x 36mm.

What is a Negative and can you digitize it?

We do digitize negatives! A negative is an image that reproduces the bright portions of the photographed subject as dark and the dark parts as light areas. They are typically formed on a transparent material, such as plastic. When digitized, they produce a higher-quality image compared to photos.

Can I send my albums with the pictures in them?

We do provide a service where we detach the pictures from the albums to digitize them . Please write for a quote, it has an additional charge. The pictures will be returned separately from the album, in Packs of 30.

What is a Pack?

A Pack is a measuring unit consisting of thirty (30) pictures of any size up to 8” x 10”. Therefore, any group of 30 pictures equals 1 Pack. Each film, video, or audio cassette of any length or type, equals 1 Pack.  Our billing is based on the price per Pack.

What if I pay for a Box but I send fewer Packs?

Once you pay for a box, you are entitled to digitize all the Packs included. We do not reimburse or refund you if you send fewer Packs. For example, if you purchased the Best Seller, which includes 12 Packs, and you send only 10, there is no partial refund for the 2 fewer Packs.

What if I pay for a Box but I send more Packs than those included?

Our box sizes are meant to include a few Packs, and intentionally leave you more space to send as much as you want. When you send more Packs than those included, we will contact you prior to processing them to confirm the additional Packs received. Upon your approval and payment, we’ll digitize them too. The price per additional Pack is listed in the Pricing section.

Are ALL shipments included when purchasing any Box?

Yes. All shipping is included when you purchase any box. We first send the box with all the packaging material inside. We include a pre-paid shipping label for you to send back your photos and videos. And after we digitize them, we’ll mail you back the originals. All three shipments are included with your purchase.